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Dr. Marc Shaw offers a large variety of General Surgical services. Extensively trained in laparoscopic (minimally invasive or "key-hole") surgery, Dr. Shaw regularly performs laparoscopic surgery like gallbladder removal as well as laparoscopic appendix removal. In addition, Dr. Shaw also performs more advanced laparoscopic surgeries for diseases of the colon and rectum such as bowel cancers and inflamatory bowel diseases.

A wide spectrum of cancerous and non-cancerous diseases of the breast are also regularly treated by Dr. Shaw. Many breast cancers can be treated with "standard" breast surgery techniques (mastectomy or removal of the whole breast and nipple, for example). For many breast cancers, however, mastectomy may be an option but is rarely the only option. The advantage of Oncoplastic Breast Surgery is this can be done with minimal cosmetic impact which is important from an emotional perspective. 


The plastic surgery techniques utiulized in the treatment of breast cancers in females, can also be applied to surgery of the male breast to also minimize the cosmetic impact of surgery on conditions such as gynecomastia.

Other General Surgery services offered by Dr. Shaw include repair of hernias of all kinds (both with or without mesh); rectal and anal surgeries (for hemorrhoids and fissures, for example); as well as endoscopy ('scopes of stomachs and bowels).


Dr. Shaw also performs outpatient procedures including Dermoscopy to differentiate between skin cancers and non-cancerous skin lesions, in addition to cyst and lipoma removal, and repair or removal of ingrown nails.

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