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Dr. Marc Shaw is Canadian Royal College Certified Specialist in General Surgery with a specialized interest in breast surgery. Combined with his additional training and expertise in Oncoplastic Breast Surgery, Dr. Shaw strives to minimize the cosmetic impact of breast cancer surgery.

Dr. Shaw's advanced oncoplastic techniques offer immediate physical and emotional benefits to women diagnosed with breast cancer. In his experience, women with breast cancer have the same goals and often the order of their importance is the same: they want the cancer gone and they don't want to have to worry about it coming back but they also don't want a breast that is mutilated or deformed. Next, they want to get back to their life the way it used to be, and finally they don't want to be reminded every day that they had breast cancer. Oncoplastic breast surgery achieves all of these goals by reducing the cosmetic impact of surgery without compromising the need for definitive cancer removal.

Having been in practice since 2000, he is proud to live in Grande Prairie, Alberta and to have served the people of Northern Alberta and Northern British Columbia since 2006.

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