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Oncoplastic surgery is an advanced approach to breast cancer surgery in which two important goals are achieved: most importantly the breast cancer is removed safely and efficiently with a rim of healthy tissue around it (ie. lumpectomy). Secondly, the cancer is removed in such a way to reduce the chance of it coming back.


The surgery is performed, however, through the same types of incisions and incorporating the same techniques that a plastic surgeon would use if the breast were to be lifted up (to get rid of any droopiness) or reduced in size for cosmetic reasons.


Removing the breast cancer in this way gives Dr. Shaw the opportunity to fix the defect caused by the loss of breast tissue where the cancer was and to tighten up the skin, giving the breast a more rounded, firm and natural appearance. Long term, the breast maintains its natural contour and shape, and doesn’t develop any dimples or lumps commonly seen when Oncoplastic surgery techniques are not used.


Most women do not have perfectly equal breasts. Oncoplastic surgery is not about making the breasts perfect or exactly the same, but more about making them look similar, and having scars that are not as obvious or deforming as standard or typical lumpectomy scars if the surgery were done the "old fashioned" way.


It is estimated that 30-50% of women are not satisfied with their cosmetic result after standard lumpectomy but women who have Oncoplastic surgery are over 5 times more likely to be satisfied with the cosmetic results. 

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