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Since 2017, Dr. Marc Shaw has pioneered the use of Oncoplastic Breast Surgery for the treatment of breast cancer in Northern Alberta and Northern British Columbia. By combining proven cancer surgery methods with plastic surgery techniques, the cosmetic impact of breast cancer surgery can be minimized and, in doing so, Dr. Shaw has revolutionized breast cancer treatment in the region.

Dr. Shaw was the first surgeon in Northern Alberta and Northern British Columbia to offer these new and innovative techniques and remains the leader and driving force in their implementation for the benefit of breast cancer patients. In addition, Dr. Shaw continues to attend national and international conferences and workshops to remain up-to-date and to continue to improve the quality of the care he can provide.

Never content to rest on his past achievements, starting in 2018 Dr. Shaw became the first Surgical Specialist to offer Dermoscopy to patients with suspicious or worrisome skin lesions.


Utilizing polarized light to better differentiate between malignant (cancerous) and non-malignant (non-cancerous) skin lesions, Dr. Shaw is the only General Surgical Specialist trained and certified to offer this valuable service to patients in Northern Alberta and Northern British Columbia.

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